Home Care


Through our Home Care partner, River Healthcare, we provide Home Care services to the residents of our retirement villages - ie those who live in a unit or serviced apartment at The Plains, Beth Eden or Janoah Gardens.

Home Care is, as the name suggests, the provision of care in one's own home (in our case, a unit or serviced apartment). The care is delivered by what the Aged Care Act calls "approved providers" (of which River Healthcare is one), and the subsidy from the government goes straight to the consumer, not the provider. As to the delivery of services included in a particular Home Care Package, the consumer is able to choose which provider delivers which services. 

A "River Guide" has been appointed to service our retirement villages. The "Guide" is like a Home Care 'coordinator' for our villages.

Arranging Home Care Packages (under the Aged Care Act, and for which residents can receive a government subsidy) is the major role of our River Guides.