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About Us

Bethany Christian Care is a long-established, not-for-profit aged care provider and retirement village operator committed to quality, holistic care. When we say 'holistic', we mean not only the physical and emotional aspects of care but the spiritual as well. Our chief desire is that all who are part of the Bethany Christian Care 'family' will come to know Christ personally as Lord and Saviour, and those who do know Him in this way will grow in their relationship with Him.

Consistent with these aims, we strive to maintain, in our facilities, a special, caring atmosphere which reflects the love of Christ and is conducive to the spiritual blessing of all who come into contact with us.

An active policy of continuous improvement assists us to maintain quality of care, service and amenities.

Whatever your relationship (or potential relationship) with our organisation, welcome!

To gain a better insight into 'who we are' and 'what we're about', please click here to download our Information Booklet.

Below is a brief outline of our facilities and history:

Bethany Aged Christians' Home (subsequently called Bethany Riverside Village) was established in 1949 on the Brisbane River at Norman Park, having been inaugurated by Christians from various Christian brethren assemblies in the Brisbane area. After its sale in 2003, the site was finally vacated in May 2006 when the entire operation moved to The Plains.

In 1990, Janoah Gardens Retirement Village was established at Manly West. The village, developed in stages, provides independent living units, serviced apartments, and from December 2009, an aged care facility.

Beth Eden Riverside Village, located at Graceville, and comprising an aged care facility and independent living units, was acquired by Bethany Christian Care on 1 December 2003.

The Plains Retirement Village at Eight Mile Plains is our newest and largest complex. Its first residents occupied their Stage 1 independent living unit on 18 March 2004. The aged care facility and serviced apartments opened on 30 May 2006. The final stage of the village - more independent living units - was completed in late-2008.

Our organisation's name, Bethany Christian Care (the owner/operator of The Plains, Janoah Gardens and Beth Eden), became effective in 1998.

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