Pastoral/ Spiritual Support

Bethany Christian Care employs a Pastoral Support Officer whose primary role is to visit each of our facility's aged care residents in a systemised way for the purpose of praying with or for them, encouraging them spiritually from God's Word, pointing them to the Saviour, and, of course, just being a listening, sympathetic ear. Other activities performed by the Pastoral Support Officer include conducting hymn-singing activities with residents and coordinating our volunteer program.

While we are not funded for this position, we have established a fund named "The Bethany Pastoral Support Fund" to enable local churches and individual Christians to practically express their fellowship with us in this vital arm of our ministry. (Gifts towards this Fund are tax-deductible.)

As mentioned in this website's "Volunteers" section, and because the need among residents is great, we are always keen to hear from pastorally-gifted Christians who can supplement our Pastoral Support Officer's activities.